Other Areas

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling your first or last home, condominium or cooperative apartment, or are buying or selling a commercial property, I can help you.  I will explain the process to you, prepare or review the Contract of Sale, and attend the Closing of Title.



Commercial Litigation


If you have you been wronged in a business transaction, or are you being sued as a result of a business matter, I have extensive experience in representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial matters.  We will meet and discuss your specific situation.  I will advise you as to what your rights and defenses are, and will zealously represent you in litigation.

Purchases and Sales of Businesses


Purchasing or selling a business is a major life decision.  You will need to be protected in this transaction as it will have long term consequences for both you and your family.  You need an attorney who will help you decide the terms of your sale or purchase, and negotiate the best possible outcome. I have represented many individuals and corporate entities in high end transactions.